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Polycrystalline Solar Module [ Brochure ]

Polycrystalline Solar Module


  • Modules go through stringent checks for multi-level EL tests,visual inspection, High Potential test, insulation resistance, ground continuity test, gel test, peel strength test, dark IV test, adhesion test and wet leakage tests.
  • We conduct extensive research on raw materials selection after several trials, which exceed expectations of IEC 61215/61730 and UL1703 tests; cells with excellent low light and optimal thermal co-efficient performance.
  • Our modules show excellent resistance to degradation from Hot Spot and UV exposure.
  • We use high transmission low iron, tempered, PV grade glass sourced from the best global suppliers.
  • Using deep anodized aluminium frames, which are resistant to corrosion and abrasion; our modules are protected from salt mist corrosion.
  • We provide standard IP67 junction box, with Schottky bypass diodes having excellent thermal stability and low forward voltage drop.