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Solar Water Pump [ Brochure ]

Solar Water Pump

Irrigation is a challenge today.

As a farmer, you face several obstacles. Your farms are powered by diesel, and you constantly worry about the unreliable grid power. Your profits are being eaten away by fluctuating prices, and reliable irrigation is not an easy problem to solve.You’re looking for an efficient, cost-effective and reliable answer to power your irrigation system.


The Complete solution for irrigation

  • Qorx Energy Solar Water Pumps help farmers overcome irrigation challenges and enable precise, sustainable irrigation by harnessing solar energy. Our systems are designed by experts in solar energy, power supply systems, pumps, and irrigation. By combining our expertise with a deep understanding of crops, irrigation requirements, and farming practices, we offer solutions that meet the needs of farms around the world Supreme features coupled with excellent performance have resulted in Qorx Solar Pumps making a distinctive mark in the pump market,  the world over. Available in the range of 1 HP-100 HP Single or three phase as per specification,  Qorx Solar Pumps offer 20% more discharge as compared to other ordinary pumps. Naturally, this makes our pumps the undisputed leader in the pump market.
  • Proven motor, pump and motor control and solar pv maximum power point technology for a reliable and fail safe operation
  • Remove existing bullet text and put " Supply, Installation and Commissioning Turnkey Capability " for solar pumps either direct or through our channel partners
  • Easy to operate, Simple to install, No maintenance, Value for money, Attractive paybacks