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On-Grid tied solar rooftop power plant in KADI

On-Grid tied solar rooftop power plant in KADI

This is first blog of our company so in this blog i will introduce whole description about solar and also share the experience about our goal and work with large globlazation.

In this image you can see solar panel.let me tell you whay solar plant and what is work of this solar plant. before this let me tell where this project has been done.

Small Intro:

Name of company:Pashupati spinning Mill

Location: Kadi,Gujarat,India

Capacity of solar power plant: 30 kw(ON LINE ROOFTOP PLANT)

Project by:QORX ENERGY.

Project teamTeam:Bhavesh Goswami,Soham patel,Dipesh patel,bhaumik patel,bhavik patel,jailesh patel,

First of thhanks to all team member of who are part of this project.

Purpose of solar plant;

I think we all are hassited with word of global warming,you heard that within some years world globalization will destroy the world and so and so...

but what does mean if we only listen and ignor the problem of GLOBAL WARMING. Everyday in the mlorning we read that today petrol diesel price is become high,also read about natuaral bed activity,somwere not good rain,some wwere very high rainy seoson. so dont you think if there is so many problem s are occuring day by day in this world.

we are also small part of this beautiful world. 

We are helpless?

we couldnt give some small contribution to this beutiful world?

can we change this atmosperic issues?

yes ofcurse dude why not?

but dear we have to take some steps.

Our team taken the step.....but you? ...Not yet...

Today let me introduce our step :

In all Sustainable energy, now solar energy is the best option that world accepted. 

By using solar energy we can produce electricity which can be use in everywhere, whether is industrial,commercial,domestic or agriculture area. do you know when you generate the electricity via renewble sources that mean you save the many kind of fuel which can be use in future for our next generation and ya you also contrubuting the green nature.

Solar technology is very old innovation but our lack of awarness and high cist our people can not use this technology. but this is the time now we can afford and use it. goverment also supporting us for this renewavle concept as in form of financial or other hand.

In our project we installed 30 kw solar power project which can generate 150 UNIT(KWH)/day.Means 54000 UNIT/year.that means as per our carbor saving calculation, you can save 48450/KG/year.

Just imagine this small contribution can help save carbon spreading in atmosphere per year.

dude i am not telling you dont drive vehicle and dont plantation on earth but you can give this small step.?

To be continue.....